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Share in the vivid imagery of experiences with life, God, and love in a new book, "A Grown Woman's Experience". Stories of triumph and losses as well as those sharing the beauty of quality relationships and the challenge of raising children.


From the heart of readers who experienced the book

Olivia S.

LOVED IT! The way the author frames her poems to coincide with each section of love, life and her faith in God allows us to find ourselves in each one....I feel like I'm talking to the grown woman herself!

Robin H.

IT HAS IT ALL!! This debut book is has poems about love, sadness, hope, and faith. These vivid poems invited me to experience life's emotions. I can't wait for the next book!

Rejoyce A.

These poems speak of the blessings, love, hurt, mistakes, and so much more because that is what all grown women experience...It's refreshing!

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