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Shodden Feet

I pass through darkness with every fretful step

Horrid sounds all around the beat of life’s regret

I feel frantically with my hands thrashing all about

Darkness engulfed me, memories of unfeigned love refusing to get out

Oh how I wish I was in another life afore time of my own design

But instead, I’m subjected by doubt, and hatred all the time

Alas, I keep walking, moving steps to that seems to never erred

Over death, over fear, to persecution my steps always direct this way most fair

Although I’m lost in a place where no man meet

My steps compelled to go as prisoned shodden feet

I tug and pull as my spirit fights to be free

Free from shodden feet, I am abased by the shackled , mirrored me.

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1 Comment

Shademix 13
Shademix 13
Nov 12, 2023

Pretty good, you can clearly understand their emotions on the struggle for their freedom

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